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How it Works

PostBot uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to find, research, and understand your targeted audience to create the most engaging Google Ads, Blog and Social Media posts based on the following data points:

-- Trending keywords via SEO Research
-- Current News and search Trends (From Google Trends)
-- Linked Social Media Accounts Content (FB, Instagram, Yelp!, Google My Business)
-- Stock photo platforms (Shutterstock, etc)

-- Quotes and Tips sites related to the active business category
-- Geographical Location


Create a
3 month
social media campaign
in 1 click

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Generate posts
Based on:

Posting Theme

Business Category

Image Sources

Latest News

Quotes and Tips

Customize posts

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Publish to FB or
Instagram now
Or on a schedule

Manage multiple clients by creating profiles each with their own preferences

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Request a Demo

Request a Demo of the App, we'll give you a walkthrough, create a week's worth of content, and schedule it to be posted on your Social Media Accounts

How do we tell your story to your current and prospective clients?

For the first month, your company will be in touch with an Account Manger who will give you access to our team of analysts, graphic designer and coders.  Your assigned team will create a Client Preference Profile which will help the AI understand and learn about you and your company. Over time, the AI will be able to recommend and automatically generate new Social Media posts based on previous activity and styles.

Team Talk

How will you know if your Social Media Campaign is generating leads for you?

You will start seeing growth of followers that are in your targeted group.  You will receive a detailed monthly report that will give you quantifiable data to  confirm the growth that you are seeing in your business.

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